The Curriculum

Irresistible Curriculum

The vision for St Werburgh’s Primary School’s Irresistible Curriculum…

Our irresistible curriculum provides the starting point for enquiry led, engaging and curious learning. Our Curriculum map is a strong framework for making connections between subjects and allowing students to link their learning to their own lives and experiences. The school uses a combination of Edison Connected Curriculum, Milestones and our own local knowledge to meet national curriculum requirements. These are clearly mapped whilst still allowing the flexibility in order that the lives and heritage of learners and their communities can be distinctively embedded. Our irresistible curriculum encourages, critical thinking, exploration and curiosity, with a thematic approach working alongside discrete teaching.

The Bristol Standard

In 2017 the Reception team embarked upon their Bristol Standard journey. The Bristol Standard is recognised nationally as an outstanding self-evaluation framework and the benefits and impact of its approach have been well evidenced. Through team reflection and discussion, the strengths of the setting are celebrated and future priorities become clear. The Bristol Standard enables practitioners to talk more knowledgeably about what they do, why they do it and the difference it is making for children and families in their care.

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